The 3 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Meditation – 2019

So, you’ve found a quiet spot where you can meditate and relax, by yourself. You’ve studied up on the different types of meditative radio waves and found a guided meditation that you are ready to try out.

The next step in achieving a perfect meditative state is to invest in some noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are an extremely powerful tool when it comes to getting the most out of meditation, especially if your in an environment that’s not so quiet.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Meditation

 Solitude XCSSennheiser PXC 450Bose QuietComfort 20i
Noise ReductionReduce distracting background noise by up to 87% while offering superior soundOver 90% with NoiseGard technologyPrecision noise cancelling, reduces up to 99% ambient noise
Battery Life40-hour battery life with two AAA batteries16 hours with one AAA battery16 hours of battery life with rechargeable Lithium ion battery
EarphonesTop of the line around-the-ear ear cushions featuring memory foam insertsExtremely comfortable premium around-the-ear travel headphonesIn the ear super comfortable earphones with 3 pairs of Stay Hear+ tips (S,M&L)

Even the slightest of noises in the background can disrupt a perfect meditation, and you never know just what you will get when it comes to a perfect meditation!

Noise cancelling headphones can help if you want pure silence when meditating, or when listening to a guide or radio waves to guide you along.

Meditation can mean a number of different things for people all around the world. No two people meditate the same exact way, and each individual has their own meditative ‘routine.’ Meditation can be thought or contemplation, reflection on a certain area.

It can also mean a whole lot of non-thought, clearing the mind to relieve stress or to bring about new, creative ideas. Whatever reason someone may want to meditate, most people will want to meditate in either complete silence, or listening to a guided meditation or some type of noise that helps them with their meditation.

Using noise cancelling headphones can be very beneficial in either aspect of this.

The Physical Benefits of Meditation

Meditation provides a wide range of physical benefits to its practitioners. Aside from the obvious short term benefits like immediate stress relief and breath control, it also has the ability to provide long lasting results and long lasting benefits for a number of different things in the body.

Some of the physical benefits of meditation include:

  • Meditation improves the overall immune system. Meditation helps to boost antibodies, stimulate brain-function regions, and of course melts away stress. All of these factors combined have shown the meditation can greatly improve the immune system.
  • Meditation increases production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that tells our body that we feel happy. So meditation helps us feel happier!
  • Meditation can relieve tension, and any tension related pain or ache. Breathing deeply and clearing our stress away can get rid of tension, and so meditation can ultimately heal tension headaches and any other minor aches and pains caused by tension.

Mental Benefits of Meditation

Not only can mediation actually heal the body and provide relief for a number of different ailments, and overall make the body feel healthier and happier, and can provide a number of mental benefits alongside of the physical benefits.

Engaging in meditation more frequently will provide greater benefit, and properly meditating is important if anyone wishes to reap the benefits of meditation. If someone is surrounded by distractions it is going to be much more difficult for them to meditate the way they should be.

Noise cancelling headphones are a great tool for anyone who is meditating and either wants silence or a guided meditation.

Here are some of the mental benefits of meditation:

  • Meditation decreases anxiety. More serotonin equals more happiness equals less anxiety!
  • Meditation can help to develop a great sense of intuition. While someone meditates, they can clearly hear their inner dialogue, also known as intuition. Meditating frequently can help to strengthen this intuitive voice.
  • Meditation stimulates creativity. One of the main reasons some creative types meditate is to harness creative energies that come along with letting loose the distractions of the immediate world around them and their daily stresses.

Tips on Getting the Most out of Meditation

If you want to reap the benefits of meditation, it’s important to practice to find what your ultimate ‘getaway’ mode is as far as meditation is concerned. Here are some tips on finding your meditative ‘sweet-spot’ and getting the most out of your meditation!

  1. Find a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. For experts in meditation, quiet can mean a corner of a room full of people. For anyone starting out, a room to themselves is recommended, or a quiet area in nature where no one is going to come up and try to start a conversation with you while you are trying to meditate.
  1. Experiment with guided meditation and different types of meditative radio frequencies. For these, noise-cancelling headphones are highly recommended. Not only will the noise-cancelling headphones drown out distracting background noises in any environment, but they will also balance out the radio waves evenly between your ears, relaxing you to your fullest.
  1. Know the different types of radio waves used for meditation. Theta waves while meditating, for instance, are good if you want to focus in on a specific something.

Theta helps us to concentrate and remember, and store information for a long period of time. Delta waves are excellent to use before bedtime, and for anyone who suffers from insomnia or any other type of sleep disorder.

Delta waves are known as the slowest among the waves used for meditation, and are great to put us into a dream or sleep like trance.

Alpha waves are the waves that our brain sends when we are conscious but not doing anything. Pure consciousness, or just being, without any doing. Alpha waves are great for stress relief.

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I travel internationally on a frequent basis for work and the only way I have found to be able to rest on a plane is by using noise cancelling headphones. I have used quite a few over the years and have reviewed the ones I like best here.